Frequently Asked Questions

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 1. How do I treat red/irritated peristomal (area around the stoma) skin?
A. First check the hole size of your ostomy appliance. The hole needs to fit the shape & size of the stoma. The edge of the opening should not touch the stoma. Also there should not be more than 1/8" of skin showing around the stoma.
NOTE: Measure the stoma with a pattern/template. Adjust the size of the opening as needed. If you wear a precut system please call us. We can give you the stock number of the appliance you will need for the correct size.
B. Powders such as "Convatec's Stomahesive" or "Hollister's Premium Powder" can be used to treat red irritated skin.
 2. How do I know the opening in my wafer/pouch fits correctly?
A. The opening you cut or the precut opening should fit close to your stoma without touching the edge of your stoma. No more than 1/8" of skin should be visable.
B. You will need a stoma pattern/guide template to measure the stoma. If the pattern is not provided with your current ostomy supplies call Arkansas Ostomy for a sample.
C. Your stoma size/shape may change weekly for the first 6 to 8 weeks after ostomy surgery. Thereafter it will likely change very little but can change occasionally.
 3. What is the difference in a one and two-piece system?

A. A one-piece pouching system is made with the pouch attached to an adhesive wafer/barrier

a. The pouching system is very flexable and thus is comfortable to wear
b. It is also very low profile.
c. It comes in drainable and closed-end styles.
d. Available in cut-to-fit and precut styles.

B. The two-piece pouching system has a wafer/flange and a pouch that snaps onto the wafer just like "Tupperware."

a. The pouch may be snapped off for emptying and easy rinsing.
b. Colostomy patients who need access to their stoma for daily irrigation may use this  system.
c. Pouches come in drainable or closed-end systems with or without filters.

 4. How often do I need to change my pouching system?

A. The average wear time for a one-piece system is 3 to 5 days.

B. The average wear time for a two-piece system is 5 to7 days.


 5. Do I need to use "stoma" powder on my skin with each pouch change?

A. No, only if the skin is red or irritated.

B. See the instructions for powder use under "How do I treat red/irritated peristomal skin."

6. Is there a support group for Ostomates?

A. Yes. Call the National United Ostomy Association at 800-826-0826 or visit

7. Is it necessary to use paste to ensure adherence of my pouching system?

A. No. Ostomy paste is used as a "caulking" material around the stoma. It is used to fill in the cracks or crevasses to help prevent leakage. Your pouching system has its own adhesive and will stick without paste use.